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Paper doll art in 13 episodes

What you will get after following these courses There are 13 episodes to show you how I created three different...

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Draw beautiful eyes and two side French twists in hair with watercolor [pink 2/5]

1. Paint skin parts Step one, blend the right colour for her skin and then test it on the side...

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What you should do with a bunch of flowers

1. Let your flowers get a good drink Fill the water up to your bucket about 80%. 1-1 If you...

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How to use a paring knife

Paring knives are designed for cutting with dexterity and tackling tasks which the chef's knife can't reach. As they are...

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Balcony plants: dragon fruit cutting

If your friends or yourself already have a dragon fruit, and you would like another plant, you can make a...

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How to print the actual size of pdf

Open the PDF file which you downloaded from the lesson you are learning. If you are using Adobe Reader, open...

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