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About 3 How to

We are happy to share our life experiences to everyone and also keep exploring new interesting things in our life. If you are the same as us, and like to share your experiences or any skills which you have, please join us. Let us share our experiences to enrich everyone and promote a healthy life together. As sharing is a good way to help each other and make our lives better.

Why we are called 3 How to?

Why we are called 3 How to
3 How To is using 3 different colors to guide you through the process.

All of 3 How to articles are presenting with clear 3 sections. In this way we hope you will be able to pick up the concepts easily and quickly.

  1. Premise: introduce the situation or background for this topic. If there is something you might need to prepare to do it, this section will tell you the materials or offer you how to source the materials that you will need (eg: You will need). Some lesson will offer you a digital pattern (eg: Download File).
  2. Practice: the solutions, methods or the steps for achieving the target. If it is a tutorial lesson, you just need to follow the steps.
  3. Payoff: it’s all about the last step or conclusion for the concept. If it is a process that is a little bit complex, this section might have extra tips to develop other solutions (eg: Tips).