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How to print the actual size of pdf

Open the PDF file which you downloaded from the lesson you are learning. If you are using Adobe Reader, open the File \ Print menu. Once the Print setting pops up, choose...

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Light food recipe with Air Fryer oven

Thanks to the invention of a new technology that gives us a different option for cooking food in quick and healthy way --- using a Air Fryer. In this article I am...

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How to sign a PDF

There are lots of options available today for signing a PDF using applications. Here is an alternative method that I am going to show you that is not a fancy option, but...

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How to arrange flower in less than 3 minutes

Take the transparent plastic bag, cut it from the center. We only use the one side of the material. Make as long a rectangle as you can. After that we roll it...

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How to arrange one flower in a vase: with stem

Prepare stems For this lesson, it will be good to have a flower with a long stem, as we need to use the stem to stable the flower inside the glass. Firstly...

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