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What you should do with a bunch of flowers

1. Let your flowers get a good drink Fill the water up to your bucket about 80%. 1-1 If you like to keep the original design After that, if your flowers came...

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How to make a simple flower with bead and sequins

1. Draw a flower template paper pattern and cut it out We are going to draw a flower template paper pattern like this one. In this case, I decided to draw a...

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How to make a rose shaped lace flower

1.Trim the lace to 2 cm width The first step, if you have wider than 2 cm lace as I have, you will keep the wavy shape side about 2 to 2.5...

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How to print the actual size of pdf

Open the PDF file which you downloaded from the lesson you are learning. If you are using Adobe Reader, open the File \ Print menu. Once the Print setting pops up, choose...

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Balcony plants: dragon fruit cutting

If your friends or yourself already have a dragon fruit, and you would like another plant, you can make a cutting. Quite a lot of people will ask when is a good...

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Balcony plants: Dragon fruit

Each dragon fruit probably contains 60 calories, and is rich in vitamins, such as vitamin C, B1, B2, and B3. They also include minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus.  Also it...

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Bamboo platform on balcony for plants

Important to check Be aware that as different buildings have their own scheme for OHS issues. Please check first before you proceed with any steps in extending space on a balcony or...

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How to arrange flower in less than 3 minutes

Take the transparent plastic bag, cut it from the center. We only use the one side of the material. Make as long a rectangle as you can. After that we roll it...

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How to arrange one flower in a vase: with stem

Prepare stems For this lesson, it will be good to have a flower with a long stem, as we need to use the stem to stable the flower inside the glass. Firstly...

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How to make a fabric bracelet

Making the center the attractive part Firstly, take the white lace, then prepare and cut the material to size 13 cm. Stitch it both ends together and make a outward hem. Stitch...

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