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Draw a lady with two side French twists in hair [pink 1/5]


Hi everyone, I am going to show you how to draw a lady wearing pink slip dress today. It will be the first of five posts. The five sections will show you how to draw a lady, paint her with water colors and make her three dimensional party dress.



  1. A character template that you can download from
  2. A piece of tracing paper
  3. A more than 26 cm height piece paper for watercolour (weighs between 90 and 140 lbs)
  4. A pencil
  5. Two paper clips
  6. A more than 30 cm ruler
  7. A 15 cm short ruler (optional)


1. Download and print the character template

When you have gone to, scroll down to find and click the ‘Download File’. You will open another page with the PDF file. Click the right top download button to get it. Then save it to a folder on your computer.

Once downloaded open the PDF and print it. From the Page Sizing & Handling area, make sure you choose the ‘Actual size’ to print the character template. Finally, you can click Print to get the right size.

2. Draw the body parts according to the character template

Step two, take the character template which you have printed out, you will need to trim off the bottom and top section. Get your drawing paper, you are going to draw a 26 cm high lady in the centre.
Draw a centre line on your paper, also draw another straight line at the bottom.

2-1 Make the character template align to the drawing paper with both centre lines

After that, make the bottom of the centre line of the character template align to the bottom of the centre line on the paper. Also, do the same process to the top too. Make sure they are all located in the right places. After that, we can place the tracing paper in between. Be aware the ink side of the tracking paper should face down to copy your drawing to the paper.

Drawing and painting art with handcraft: draw a lady wearing a pink slip dress 1/5 - align to the character template

Once the centre lines are located correctly, we are able to add the paper clips at the shoulder side of the bottom. All right, you can start drawing all the lines which you see from the character template, to trace onto your drawing paper. Except for the curved line which goes across her legs.

2-2 Draw lines on the drawing paper

When you have drawn all lines from the character template, you can remove both paper clips and the character template away. All right, let me check the drawing paper and make sure all lines are clear to see and to follow.

We are able to follow the lines which you have tracked from the character template, but you don’t have to draw them exactly as the same shape as the character template. Please feel free to modify it your own way a little bit if you like.

2-3 Draw the standing board

The curved line behind her legs should not go over the lines of the legs, keep drawing her legs. The centre line is there to align it to the character template. Right now, it’s a good time to erase it, as we don’t need it anymore. Then, we can continue to draw the standing board which is behind her legs with a short ruler. Also, draw her shoes and another part of the standing board.

Drawing and painting art with handcraft: draw a lady wearing a pink slip dress 1/5 - draw the standing board

3. Draw her details

Step three, let’s start to draw her details, please feel free to design any style of a strapless slip dress for her. I would like to draw a center line on her and it will help me to draw both sides of her from the correct perspective.

Draw the upper edge of the chest and details of the slip dress. Then draw the edge of her skirt. Also, draw her left hand. After that, I am going to draw her shoes and add some details on it. Finally, I am going to draw her ears and hair.

Drawing and painting art with handcraft: draw a lady wearing a pink slip dress 1/5 - draw her hand

All right, start drawing her face details, improve her hairstyle a little bit and her face shape. Then draw her eye. After that, draw her cute and small nose. Also, let her have her sexy lips. Finally, draw her eyeballs and eyebrows

Drawing and painting art with handcraft: draw a lady wearing a pink slip dress 1/5 - draw her face


All right, I have done my draft, it’s better to clean up all draft lines to prepare for the next step. Such as the guideline at her end of fingers, we should remove it and draw her fingers back. As we are going to use water color to paint her, so it’s better to erase away all unnecessary lines and make her looks as good as possible. You can see that I have cleaned up all lines on her legs and shoes.

I have spent some time to make her head look better. It probably will be the most challenging thing for you, just take some time to practice your drawing. I bet you will get there. 

Here, I am showing you what I have done. You can get the link below to send me your artwork. I am keen to see your great drawings. Also, if you give me your permission I hope I am able to share your artwork with other people on, let us learn drawing from each other.

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