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How to make a feather fascinator and a evening necklace [blue 5/5]


Hi everyone, this post will be the final of five posts. I am going to make her feather fascinator and evening necklace. See the Related Articles or playlist to find out other related posts and videos. Please feel free to follow the design or do your own or use any material which you already have to handcraft on it.


  1. Tweezers
  2. Small scissors
  3. A pencil and a piece of paper for watercolour (weighs between 90 and 140 lbs)
  4. A pencil
  5. Black and watercolour is the same as the feather that you have, a watercolour palette and brush
  6. A Stanley knife and cutting mat (optional)
  7. Some blue feathers
  8. Some blue gems, beads and sequins
  9. Some black glitter
  10. Some handcrafted PVA glue
  11. An old small brush that you have.


1. Handcraft a fascinator

1-1. Draw and paint a paper hat

Take your paper doll to draw an outline of the top of her head on a piece of paper. Also, draw two rectangular strips on both sides for being attached to her. After that, draw an arc at the end of this one-third circle which you drew her top head.

After that, blend the watercolour to a similar colour as the feather which you are going to use for her hat. Then, paint the colour on the paper patch. You don’t have to be too detailed, just paint on the colour.

After that, trim the patch out from the paper.

Once the patch is done, get the paper doll and try it on her. Check the patch has covered her head well and matches your design.

1-2 Glue the sequins on the edge of the paper patch

All right, I am going to decorate the edge of her hat with some blue circle sequins. Put some glue and place the sequins on it. I am keeping about the radius of the sequins as the spacing.

1-3 Design her feather fascinator

The names of the parts of the feather will be called as below.

The names of the parts of the feather

I am going to take five steps to design her feather fascinator like this picture. Let me display the details to you.

How to make a feather fascinator
  1. Find the best dot patterns feather to be the main spindle on her hat.
  2. Get an afterfeather piece that is a sparse shape to be able to cover a little bit of her face.
  3. Choose one or two small circle afterfeathers to place on the third layer, if you can find some different blue colour feathers that will be good.
  4. Add a tiny good looking dot pattern feather and point it to the opposite side than the main spindle is directed.
  5. In the end, get two light blue sequins with diamond shape to place at the focus centre.

In order to make it look more interesting, I am going to insert some light blue long and sparse feathers behind the tiny dot pattern feather.

1-4 Finish the hat

Once the design has been done, I am going to glue the afterfeather from step 2. Also, get the scissors to trim the long and sparse feather from her face side shorter. It’s better to take your paper doll to try it on while you are trimming the length of the feather. Make the length until her cheeks.

After that, I am going to glue the main spindle. Put the glue at the end of the main feather and stick it at the left end of her hat. Then, glue three pieces from step three. Dark blue, blue and light blue feathers.

After that, glue the tiny dot pattern feather from step four. Unfortunately, I have made a little bit of glue go on the wrong spot. I am going to use clear water to brush it away gently. And, clean my brush with tissue paper to wipe away that glue.

In the end, trim the diamond-shaped sequins well if they are not on the right shapes. After that, stick them on the focus centre of her hat.

Once it is done, take your paper doll and try it on her. Check the hat looks good with her head and matches your design.

the result of the How to make a feather fascinator

2. Handcraft a three-layer evening necklace

2-1 Draw and paint a paper patch for necklace

Take your paper doll to draw her neck width on a piece of paper. At the same time, draw two rectangular strips on both sides for being attached to her. After that, draw the first and second rings to be bent on her centerline in perspective. Finally, draw the third ring to match the correct curve with the first and second rings.

Paint black colour on the paper patch, as I am going to design a black glitter necklace for her. Please feel free to use any colour to match your design.

After that, trim the patch out from the paper. For the area between the rings, it’s optional to use the Stanley knife and cutting mat to make a hole first. Then, it might be easy to cut this area off.

Once you cut it out, there are still some white edges on the paper patch. Therefore, I am going to paint black on it again. 0201f

Take your paper doll and try it on her. Review the patch has no white edges and the curves of the three rings are at her centerline in perspective. 0201g

How to design a a three-layer evening necklace

See more info of the different types of necklaces by length to show you some idea for your design.

2-2 Sprinkle some glitter on the necklace patch

  1. Put the glue well on the necklace patch.
  2. Place the necklace patch on a piece of paper.
  3. Sprinkle the glitter on the patch evenly.
  4. Fold the paper in half and press the area with the patch under.
  5. Open the paper. Then, take your tweezers to clean out the excess of the glitter from the backside of the patch.
  6. Clean edges of the patch too.
  7. Finally, take the piece of paper and return the rest of the glitter back to the jar.

Try the necklace on her and check it looks good as your design.

the result of the how to design a three-layer evening necklace

3. Decorate the shoes

This step is the easiest one. First, put some glue at the top of her front shoes. Then get a small blue gem to place at the centre top of each shoe. After that, take two transparent gems to place at both sides of the blue one. Adjust a little bit of a curve around her shoe edge. For the side view of the shoe, glue one transparent gem only.


Here we go, she has her fantastic feather fascinator and three-layer evening necklace. I am here to offer you some ideas to design your paper doll party hat and necklace, please feel free to use your creativity to let her fashion dress and accessories look brilliant.

Here, I am showing you what I have done. You can get the link below to send me your artwork. I am keen to see your great handcraft art in fashion design. Also, if you give me your permission I hope I am able to share your artwork with other people on, let us learn handcraft art from each other.

Thank you so much for checking out this course and I hope that you enjoy this tutorial. I will share more interesting DIY courses with you. Please subscribe if you like this content, see you soon next time.

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