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How to make a rose shaped lace flower


Hi everyone, I'm going to show you how to make a rose shaped lace flower. It looks really 3 dimensional and exquisite. I am going to share how I process it in three steps only.


How to make a lace flower - You will need

  1. A 40 cm length lace with wavy edges
  2. Some thread and try to find the same colour as your lace if you can
  3. At least a 40 cm length ruler
  4. If the lace which you have is wider, you will need to cut off excess width with Scissors
  5. To make the lace flower be able to stick on other things, you will need to prepare some double-sided foam tape
  6. A needle


1.Trim the lace to 2 cm width

The first step, if you have wider than 2 cm lace as I have, you will keep the wavy shape side about 2 to 2.5 cm width and cut off excess width. This way will make your lace flower petals look stunning. Let’s start trimming it.

2. Stitch the side of lace which is not wavy

The second step, you will need to prepare a thread about the same length of your lace and make a knot at the end. Then, stitch through the whole lace folding and stitching through as you go. Stitch through the denser areas if you can.

When you are stitching you don’t have to make the gap too close, as we don’t need it to stay strong. So, you will need to keep working in the same way till the end of the lace. Before you make the end knot, you can organize each wave equal on the row.

The final length should be 15 cm. I will stitch back a bit to make it stay well, then you can make a knot at the end of the thread. Trying to separate these wavy shapes equally again.

how to make a rose shaped lace flower -- step 2-2 the final length 15 cm lace.

3. Rolling and stitching to build a flower bud

The third step, just keep using the same thread, so don’t cut the thread off. Stitch the endpoints together, we are going to create the centre of the flower.

How to make a rose shaped lace flower  -- Rolling and stitching to build a flower bud

This is the important part, you will need to get the point which you have folded the lace end to start rolling along the straight side of the lace. When you roll a bit of the lace stitch it to make the flower bud. And you are going to keep the centre of the lace a little bit close and gradually expand the size of the bud.

Try to make the petals align together and grab the rolling lace together. Keeping the wavy petals equal and checking it looks good from the topside. If you are happy with the shape, then you can stitch these petals together.

Finally, stitch the very end of the lace to the edge of the flower. Try to stitch up through the whole width of the lace. I will stitch back a little bit to make it stay well. Then you can make a knot at the end. At this moment, you can extend all petals and make it look good.


After you made a final knot, you are able to hide the thread into the center of the flower. So, you can stitch it back and straighten the last petal. Then cut the excess off. That’s all you need to do. You have made a lace flower.

All right, we can get some foam tape to stick on the backside of the flower. If your flower is smaller you can put one sticker. In this case, I am going to put four of them. Here we go, that’s a simple way to make a lace flower.

I hope it will all make a sense to you and I hope that was simple and easy enough for you to follow along. At the same time, I am trying to make this course short and able to be quickly picked up. Thank you so much for checking out this course and I hope that you enjoy this tutorial. I will share more interesting DIY course with you. Please subscribe if you like this content, see you soon next time.

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