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How to soak floral foam


This article will tell you how to correctly soak floral foam for flower arrangements without air bubbles inside the foam.


3 How to - How to soak floral foam.

A brick of floral foam


Firstly, get a large tub or tank and fill it up water. The water level is about more than 3 / 4 height of the floral foam.

3 How to - How to soak floral foam.

Place the bricks of floral foam into this tub and allow them to absorb the water until they float levelly on the top.

3 How to - How to soak floral foam.


You might have to wait for 5 to 30 minutes for it soak into the water properly, it also depends on the size of the floral foam you are using.

3 How to - How to soak floral foam.

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