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How to make a blue feather party dress [blue 4/5]

1. Draw and paint a paper patch 1-1 Draw a paper patch to match her figure Take your paper doll to draw her figure on a piece of paper. At the same...

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How to make a standing paper doll [3/5]

Four steps to design the standing board There are four steps to designing the standing paper doll. For the final example please see the download file Standing board should be 1/3 the...

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Paint a smiling face and draw cheeks with watercolor [blue 2/5]

1. Paint skin parts Step one, blend the right colour for her skin and then test it on the side paper. Repeat the process until you are happy with it.[Skin colour]: orange,...

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Draw a lady with a smiling face [blue 1/5]

1. Download and print the character template When you have gone to, scroll down to find and click the 'Download File'. You will open another page with the PDF file. Click...

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