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Light food recipe with Air Fryer oven



A good idea for using an air fryer oven to get quick, tasty and healthy food. Saving time and eating healthy are the aims which you are able to get from this article.


Baking time: 8-10 minutes
Baking temperature: 180 degrees

light-food-recipe-you will need

  1. A paring knife
  2. A chopping board
  3. A tomato
  4. Two mushrooms
  5. Some grated cheddar cheese
  6. Some extra virgin olive oil
  7. Some salt and pepper
  8. Counter-top air fryer oven


Thanks to the invention of a new technology that gives us a different option for cooking food in quick and healthy way — using a Air Fryer. In this article I am showing you an idea to use the Air Fryer. Let’s start it.

1. Tomato sandwich

After cleaning a tomato, slice it to four slices about one cm thick. The example is showing for one piece of toast if you would like to make more, please prepare the correct amount of tomato slices to match your requirement.

If you would like to brush butter or any sauce on the bread, please do it before placing the sliced tomato on the bread. After that, put four sliced tomatoes on the bread and place it on an Airflow rack.

3. Mushroom sandwich

Clean mushrooms and slice them with 0.5 – 0.7 cm thickness. Please don’t cut it too big, it might not be cooked properly for a short baking time if they are too thick.

Also, if you would like to brush butter or sauce on the bread, it’s optional for you. Then place the sliced mushroom on bread evenly then drizzle some extra olive oil on the surface. After that, place it on the Airflow rack.

In the end, sprinkle some cheese, salt and pepper to your preference and then put them into the Air Fryer oven.

3. Baking in Air Fryer Oven

The Air Fryer Oven is able to bake food very quickly. See picture-6 to picture-7 they are just between 3 minutes different time. It bakes much faster than a traditional oven.

Basically, follow the user manual which came with your air fryer. It should be able to give you a general idea about the baking time to start. Some people bake food for too long in an air fryer. You need to remember that it is an original concept and not a traditional oven.

Here we go, it takes 8 – 10 minutes only to get this golden and crispy toasted sandwich. A much lighter and fresher way to toast food than a toaster in a traditional oven.

At the same time, the backside of bread has been baked golden brown too.


1. Be aware of baking time. Read user manual which you can get when buying the machine to get the baking time ideas.
2. Brush butter or sauce on bread if you like: It depends on your preference if you like to brush butter on the bread before you bake it. Please do it at the very beginning step. As the recipe is designed for light food, some people might not eat butter therefore, I won’t show it on the recipe. Welcome to add it for your preference.

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